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Zahedan School of Medicine was officially inaugurated in 1986 with fewer than 10 faculty members and by admitting 28 medical students. At present, however, a total number of 191 faculty members teach and work in 34 educational departments, either clinical or basic medical sciences ones. Zahedan School of Medicine offers comprehensive programs on clinical sciences in 12 specialty and fields including ophthalmology, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, infectious diseases, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, cardiology,psychiatrics and urology ; 7 MSc programs including microbiology, parasitology, biochemistry, physiology, clinical psychology, and Anatomy;  one fellowship (vitreous and retina), one mph, general medicine course, and two BSc in nutrition and food industry in all of which, about 1462 candidates and students are currently doing their studies

Treatment and Educational Centres Affiliated to Zahedan School of Medicine Include:

  • Ali-ibn-Abitalib (AS) Treatment, Research and Educational Hospital
  •  Al-Zahra (SA) Treatment, Research and Educational Hospital
  • Bu Ali Treatment, Research and Educational Hospital
  • Khatam-AL- Anbia (S)Treatment, Research and Educational Hospital
  • Baharan Treatment, Research and Educational Hospital Hospital

Dean of School

 Prof. Hooshang Rafighdust, Professor of Anatomy


Vice-Dean of Medicine and Clinical Training: Dr Abbas Ali Niazi , Assistant Professor of Pathology

Vice-Dean of Basic Sciences and Postgraduate Education: Dr. Farzaneh Montazerifar, Associate Professor of Nutrition

Vice-Dean of Research and Information Technology: Dr Mohammad Reza Shahreki, Professor  Professor of Physiology

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